I recently had the opportunity to visit a family that was not happy at all with the company that they had hired to provide and install their blinds.  Our initial phone call revealed that the customer received a colour that she did not want.  I booked an appointment to go out and consult with the family the next afternoon.

Upon arrival, I did notice that the blinds were not white (as the customer had requested) and was told that the other company had told her that the product she wanted was not available in white.  What?  2” Composite blinds?  Not available in white?  I thought it to be very strange as I have numerous variations of white in my sample books…. And of course, we found one that matched her trim perfectly.  I asked about a previous consultation and the quote for service, and she mentioned that she had not been given either from the company.  Hmmmm…..

When measuring her windows, I went room by room and had the chance to see the installation that was done.  I wondered why the blinds in the master bedroom (and only that set) were recessed into the window casing and butted up against the window, including the valance!  The poor homeowner had been so distressed about the colour that she had not noticed how her product had been installed!  I wrapped up our consultation and headed home to ask some questions of the manufacturer’s representative.

As her fight continued with her previous provider (who flat out refused to do ANYTHING and insisted upon payment), I  found that she had not been sold a composite blind, she had been sold a far inferior vinyl product usually reserved for builders.  It only comes in two versions of white…one being the exact colour my client had in her home.  Flat out, she had been deceived by her previous provider.

My best advice in this situation?

  1. Make sure you get a consultation and physically view the product that you are planning to install in your home.  If the person does not offer a consultation, DO NOT WORK WITH THEM.  Seriously, if a business will not take the time to meet you, consult with you and find out more about your needs, they do not deserve your business.
  2. Get a quote and go through it carefully.  In fact, get a few quotes!  The rule of thumb is 3…so if you are not provided with a written quote, cross that person off of your shopping list.
  3. Ask questions.  If there is ever something that seems very out of line, ask about it!
  4. Work with a company that offers a customer satisfaction guarantee.  Made in the Shade Blinds Saskatoon offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning that we won’t stop working until you are satisfied.

Deal with people who care about your job, and their reputation!  Work with Made in the Shade Blinds Saskatoon and expect to be impressed!

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