Choosing to go the route of customizing draperies and curtains for your home can sometime be a tough pill to swallow, but only when it comes to the price. So what is the benefit of paying for custom versus buying ready made? It’s all in the details, details, details.

Window dressing is a lot like choosing articles of clothing. If your clothes are not the right fit or made from poor quality material, the finished look won’t be flattering. And like clothing, there are cheap, trendy throwaway options and classic designer draperies that will be worth handing down – or getting altered over time.


The major differences between buying ready-made curtains for under $100 and ordering custom draperies start with size. Prefab curtains are a one-size-fits-all application. Width and length are standardized and will therefore force you to mold your window to the drape rather than the other way around. A window that deserves to have a rod hung well above it’s frame will suffer if that drapery treatment can only be hung from one standard height. Where a treatment could be made to give a window or room height and drama now faces the overall feel of being skimpy.

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Lining and fullness also add to the benefit of custom made draperies. The overall quality of a lining and outer fabric in a ready-made drape is often cheap resulting in a flat or lifeless look when hung. Custom drapes will look fuller and thicker simply based on a better lining and higher quality fabrics used. Fullness too plays a part. Custom drapes are going to be a lot fuller because they are constructed using a minimum of two and a half times fullness (across the window), so if your window is 100 inches you fabric is 250 inches or more creating proper full and luxurious looking pleats that drape well. Custom made drapery is especially important for closing drapes or wide window coverage because each width or panel is seamed together creating one solid panel that is “split” wherever desired. The pattern (if there is one) can be matched properly and seams are tucked away to the back of the pleat and panels then appear seamless!


Window dressings are the finishing touches on the space, so choose them carefully and with consideration to the application. We offer consultations with photos to discuss initial project scope and fabric selection. Professional check measures are completed before any work gets underway. Contact us today @ 306-280-0632 to inquire after your drapery needs or to answer any preliminary questions you may have.

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